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We’re celebrating our 53rd birthday!

Thank you for writing this wonderful story of beauty together with us.

There’s no summer without an Afrodita jam – which one will you choose?

As Afrodita’s collection of jams has grown to be quite extensive, we’ve prepared a table to help you choose the best one for you.

Find your summer shade: Summer Affair or Art of Tanning

Delve into the world of two exceptional lines that can help you tan beautifully – which one will you choose?


Discover the power of the two of the most sought-after active ingredients that push the boundaries of modern anti-ageing skin care!

Autumn skin care: 10 tips from Afrodita

As summer turns to autumn, your skin is crying out for more nourishing products. Make sure your skin is well cared for and protected this autumn.

A story 50 years young

The story of Slovenia’s leading beauty company is the story of a brand that today offers more than 650 different cosmetic products to satisfied customers all over the world.

Ensure perfectly clean skin!

In the current circumstances, when consistent personal hygiene is the priority, we also need to devote particular attention to the proper cleansing of the skin of the face.

ART OF TANNING The art of tanned skin that lasts all year!

ART OF TANNING The art of tanned skin that lasts all year!

Good personal hygiene can prevent infections and the spread of disease

As the coronavirus epidemic continues to fill the news, we are hearing constant warnings about the importance of consistent hand hygiene (washing and disinfecting) in order to preserve health and prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Hand hygiene

Proper hand hygiene is of key importance for staying healthy. Particularly after coughing and sneezing, it even helps reduce the risk of viral diseases.


Do you often experience unpleasantly tight skin and an itching, prickling, stinging sensation in your skin? If the answer is yes, then you are one of the many individuals who suffer from sensitive skin.


Stop, free your senses and indulge yourself with ART OF SPA care rituals.

Must-haves for the choosiest trendsetters

New, on-trend, non-comedogenic, ultra-light, hydrating, vegan formulas designed for skin that demands total hydration.