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Is your skin problematic, impure and oily? Are you struggling with spots and blackheads? The Pure Skin Solution set offers a complete solution to the problem of impure, oily skin. It includes 5 products that let you enjoy salon-style professional cosmetic care in the comfort of your own home.  5 steps to pure, fresh, reborn skin.



5 products designed to provide effective care for impure, oily skin with imperfections: 5 steps for a complete daily care solution for problem skin resulting in a pure, fresh and totally renewed complexion.  

    STEP 1: Gentle but effective skin cleansing with PURE SKIN SOLUTION cleansing foam. Removes excess oil from the skin and thoroughly cleanses without irritation or dehydration.

    STEP 2: Toning with PURE SKIN SOLUTION astringent toner, which has a mild antimicrobial effect and shrinks enlarged pores. Restores the skin’s natural pH value and hydrates it.

    STEP 3: PURE SKIN SOLUTION cleansing mask provides deep cleansing while also soothing the skin and helping to reduce acne.

    STEP 4: Hydrating care with PURE SKIN SOLUTION pore minimising fluid keeps the skin hydrated and mattifies the complexion. Thanks to its effective astringent ingredients it shrinks enlarged pores, balances sebum secretion and generously hydrates the skin.

    STEP 5: PURE SKIN SOLUTION ZnO cream, designed for topical application, reduces sebaceous gland hyperactivity, soothes the skin and has a mild antibacterial effect. The result is reduced acne and pure, fresh skin.

    PURE SKIN SOLUTION Cleansing Foam (200 ml)

Tea tree essential oil, care complex, bioactive lactic acid

    PURE SKIN SOLUTION Astringent Toner (190 ml)

Scots pine essential oil, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), natural moisturising factor

    PURE SKIN SOLUTION Cleansing Mask (150 ml)

Green clay, sage, encapsulated activated charcoal

    PURE SKIN SOLUTION Pore Minimising Fluid (50 ml)

Salicylic acid, witch hazel, Amazonian complex


witch hazel, zinc oxide, tea tree essential oil

The PURE SKIN SOLUTION set is designed to work as a complete skincare solution, which means that it includes all the products you need for the effective care of oily and impure skin at home. By consistently using all the products in the 5 steps detailed above, you will renew and refresh your skin and eliminate imperfections.


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